Sporty Track Jacket – The Best of Jackets for Very Active People

When it comes to men’s track jacket shopping, most people think of playing it safe picking the neutral colors like ivory, black, gray, navy and white, perhaps this is true. Because these jackets are not among the outfits that are chosen according to color coordination. Here’s why the Stormtech Performance apparel, one of the leading apparel manufacturer has brought this sporty track jacket in 3 shades making it suited to a large number of activities.

Sports or participating in various activities can be fun, but at the same time it is important to start shopping the right outfits, that means a new wardrobe collection appropriate for your style and weather condition is a key.

Sporty Track Jacket

However, re-changing the entire wardrobe can be expensive, but this is not the way anymore. With a sporty track jacket, suited to all weather conditions and activities is an affordable option, this is an all-in-one outfit, where every active person should have at least one in their wardrobe.

These types of jackets have always been popular due to its number of benefits. There is a reflective piping, quite useful to perform activities even in the dark. The breathable and stretchy features make you comfortable even in harsher weather conditions.

Take part in several activities without having to worry about the objects you carry. The extra featured one-seam pocket enables you to store plenty of objects. The embroidery access can spice up your looks, you will be satisfied with the appearance. Want to save money? Buying the Stromtech sporty jacket at Marudas is a good way. Products at Marudas are reasonably charged, they have a wide range of options so anyone who want to buy more than just a jacket, this is a great choice.

How About Broder Women’s Micro Fleece Full-Zip Jacket

Jacket, why people say it is as important as a wardrobe style clothes? It’s very simple, Micro fleece Jackets are exceptionally snuggle and soft, people can step out in a comfortable style. These jackets paired with pencil tight trousers or regular pants will not only keep you in style but also serve as a workwear and a kind of casual outfit.

Paving a way to uncomfortable feel is what we all think to avoid, full-zip fleece jackets are one such great design that you may have to consider to be stylish, warm and comfortable. This is designed with women’s Microfleece, to make a big difference reaching the edge of beauty and protective fit as well.

Broder Women’s Microfleece Full-Zip Jacket

Broder Women’s Micro Fleece Jacket

For those who want to emphasize their feminine, color choice plays a crucial role. Your color choice of a full-zip jacket can either make or break looks. So whether it is a bold/vibrant or light/cool, the color should compliment your appearance and shop accordingly. Keeping this fact in mind, Broder, a leading manufacturer of promotional products, Workwear, accessories and jackets for women and men has brought this outfit for you. To view the list of these impressive colors – check the color chart.

This Micro fleece jacket features black contrast inside collar to bring a flattering look. It also has back stretch binding at cuffs, one zip pocket on the left and princes seems to give you a dressy fleece look.

With deals right around the corner, why waiting for? Get this glamorous outfit at unbelievable prize shopping with Marudas. You can also browse a wide selection of scrubs, tops, uniforms and accessories that hold to get you the perfect looks.

Hi Vis T-shirts’ collection stand out on the market

As we have seen in years, Hi-visibility shirts are now teaming on a new collaborative style, the high-visibility style is very commonly seen in sports, employees, traffic police, cyclist and a few casual clothing as well. This high-visibility long sleeve safety T-shirt manufactured by the VF image wear is one of those famous outfits. It is so adept at creating the dreary weather inherent, designed to give a maximum reflective finish so that it ensures high-visibility even in dark and low light.

Hi-Visibility T-Shirt

                             Hi-Visibility T-Shirt

These types of apparels are designed to provide maximum safety while working. The florescent green/yellow color ensures 360 degrees visibility, the silver color reflective striping is an added benefit. This innovative design has room to comfort and greater moving ability. It has a rib knit around the collar for added comfort.

The silver stripping offers a bit of contrast and has visibility both front and back. A regular home wash or mild rinse is enough to clean this shirt. Apart from these, the features include – cover seaming throughout the garment, Jersey knit fabric with 5.6 Oz and rib knit collar.

High visibility T-shirts are available in various designs and styles. To get the perfect outfit that blends your work style, do check our extensive collection. Browse the Marudas website to get updates on new arrivals and save big with our affordable prize options.

Just In! New Men’s Gravity Performance Fleece Jacket

Men’s fleece jacket comes in a variety of styles and designs, but the recent one that has spotted reputation through its completely revolutionized design and performance is the – men’s gravity fleece jacket. This amazing outfit is not only an ideal way to keep you dry and warm especially during outdoor activities, but also provide a comfortable feel with the centered front reverse coil zipper.

The gravity performance tops provide plenty of benefits when compared to other synthetic or fiber clothes. This is indubitably a viable choice for those who suffer from wool or cotton allergies as they are made of quality fiber with 100% polyester brushed back fleece jackets.

They are distinctively different from the regular fleece jackets both in the way they look and the performance. To view all other listings of comfortable wears and fleece jacket, review the extensive collection of Marudas.

Men's Gravity Fleece Jacket

Men’s Gravity Fleece Jacket

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The gravity fleece jacket is basically used as a workout gear, worn in schools and certain professional academies, but now this amazing outfit can be worn as a fashion pariah as well. Afford to create a fashion environment around you, try this jacket manufactured by Ash City.

Featuring chin guard, reflective asymmetric piping and detailing the contrast cover stitch, this is the perfect one to being used as a protection wear and enhance your fashion look as well. In addition to chest pocket, this fleece top features lower pockets with reverse coil zippers to provide extra protection for valuables from loss or theft.

Two choices are available to choose the color of this fleece jacket, which can suit your taste. No matter the color or the design you choose, the men’s gravity fleece jacket is a versatile option to manage your body temperature. It features zipper adjustment, a great choice for those who want to regulate the body temperature through slight adjustments on the zipper.

Take a look at Best selling classic fit denim jeans by VF Image Wear

Of the several patterns, varieties and cuts of women’s jeans that are available today, classic fit denim jeans have become unique-style fashion approach. Being a comfortable fabric, denim can be crafted into both workwear and personalized clothing.

Although jeans, originally designed for outdoor enthusiast and cowboys, they have become indispensable components of everybody’s wardrobe. And this is absolutely true with denim jeans. Most women love jeans because of its fashionable morph, style, long-lasting feature and availability.

A proper styled denim jeans often become a comfortable outfit that matches with any women’s ensemble. This classic fit denim jeans presented by VF image is one such clothing and is the most versatile fabric that can be worn for professional or casual settings.

classic fit denim jeans

                classic fit denim jeans

This classic fit dyed with indigo i.e. Untreated denim, available in blue color is the universal accepted standard. It features the new fabric look and one-piece waistband with button closure. It presents the most pre-wash soft fur with a slimmer leg opening and natural waistline.

This style can be worn in business casual settings and is capable of suiting most body types. Slimmer leg opening, means they completely fit your body, and the dark wash is capable of creating a tailored look. Comfort and look are the top priority, this is why pre-washed denim jean by BF image has gained its popularity.

According to a survey, it is proved that denim for jeans is more common than any other fabric. They remain chic choice for almost every woman, which is both comfortable and durable. Moreover, the two-needle seam construction can enhance your looks to be absolutely the best!

Armed with the above mentioned points, this classic denim jeans is no-doubt a must buy outfit that fits in a durable work pant and the formal category as well.

Women’s Tundra Stretch Fleece Jacket for Upcoming Season

Fleece jackets are essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Buying Tundra stretch fleece jacket for this season not only creates a new outfit but it also comes in an affordable way. To enhance your outfit and to make you buy a jacket that is good for the budget, we are presenting women’s tundra stretch fleece jacket.

The stretch fleece jacket is perhaps one of the versatile fabrics that is most commonly used for fashion today. This is a comfortable outfit that is an ideal option to make you look professional at work, brings casual style and practically keep you warm on chillier days providing maximum coverage.

Women's Tundra Stretch FleeceBeing said, this women’s stretch fleece jacket is very versatile, they also come with several features such as stand up collar, full zip front, elastic binding on cuffs, collar and hem. Regardless, this outwear has a certain stylish look that cannot be matched with any outfit.

It is made of top notch fabric that is unique, long-lasting, easy to care for and can be completely matched with elegant materials to craft into a professional, semi-formal or a casual outwear. It features side pockets with invisible zipper making it easy to store your valuables and has zippered pocket on left sleeve.

Fleece jacket is one of the new outfit especially designed for women that can be worm formal or casual settings. There are a variety of colors and features available to match your needs. Contact us today to know more about these features and sale info.

Stylish Women’s Classic Stripe Jersey Polo

If you are one of those associated with tennis, golf or any sports, rather than showing off yourself overdressed with the casual tees, opting for polo shirt is the right choice. This women’s classic stripe Jersey polo tops is becoming quite popular among the sports enthusiasts because of its multifaceted advantages.

Women’s Classic Stripe Jersey Polo

This versatile designed Classic Stripe Jersey Polo can be worn for a variety of non-spirited settings as well. The fabric of this clothing features 95% polyester and 5% Coolmax Lycra extreme polyester giving you a quality of wear and unique feel. This classic stripe polo features also include rib knit contrast collar, open-hem sleeves, heat-sealed neck label, contrast mesh side panels, and one-button placket, thus capable of keeping women’s body warm in colder weather and cool in hotter weather.

Regulating the body temperature and its antimicrobial fabric are the added benefits. These increased number of features have made this jersey polo top to be the top choice of most sports enthusiasts.

This garment offers stain resistant and color resistant giving the extra durability feature, and is quietly inexpensive. All our collections are well-known for their extreme level of comfort and are designed with the top notch fabric, insanely softer and finer compared to other brands.

Hence, this women’s polo T-shirt is ideal for both sports enthusiasts and best suited for work environments. To grab this deal, contact us.